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Learn how to extract insights and make data-driven decisions by working with real-world datasets and become a professioanl Data Analyist.

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About our Data Analysis Class

Data analysis is a highly sought-after skill in today’s job market, and with the increasing importance of data-driven decision making, the demand for skilled data analysts is only expected to grow.

Enroll in our data analysis class today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in the exciting field of data science! With our comprehensive curriculum, you will learn the skills needed to extract insights and make data-driven decisions.

What you will learn

Here’s what they can expect to learn:

  • Data Cleaning: You will learn how to clean and preprocess data to ensure that it is ready for analysis by learning how to handle missing values, handle outliers, and reformat data to meet their needs.

  • Data Visualization: We’ll learn how to create visualizations to help them understand and communicate their data using popular tools such as Tableau and Matplotlib to create a wide range of visualizations including bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, and more.

  • Data Analysis: You’ll also learn how to perform exploratory data analysis to uncover patterns and trends in their data using statistical techniques to analyze their data and make informed decisions based on their findings.

  • Predictive Modeling: You’ll learn how to use machine learning algorithms to make predictions based on their data. using different models.


To get started learning with us, you need a laptop, open mind to learn and take on challenge to work on real life projects.

Learning UI/UX design on a phone is not allow as it may limit your abilities and opportunities to practice and learn the full extent of the design process. It is recommended to use a computer and the necessary software to gain a comprehensive understanding of UI/UX design.

Learn to analysis like experts


3 Months


Your Laptop


Beginner & Intermediary


Physical Class

We offer the best Data Analysis Class for both beginners & intermediaries

Have any questions? call us +2348065827397 or visit our training hub at 2nd Floor Lumen Christi Building, Continental Junction, Hospital Road, NEPA Round-About, Akure, Ondo State.

Come with expectations

1. Access to certificate after completion:

Upon completing the training, you will receive a certificate that proves you have completed the training. 

2. 24/7 Electricity:

Our Training Centre is equipped with 24/7 electricity, ensuring that you will never miss a lesson due to power cuts.

3. Real-life projects to work on:

We always  provides our students with real-life projects to work on, allowing them to put their skills into practice and gain practical experience.

4. Conductive environment for learning:

We have a conductive environment for learning, ensuring that students are able to focus on their studies and absorb as much knowledge as possible.

5. Physical classes:

At Sabi Programmers, not only do we offer online training, we also offers physical classes, allowing students to interact with their instructors and classmates in person, making the learning experience more engaging and interactive.

Know that all our tech skill courses are affordable & there's flexible payment options, & money-back guarantees.