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UIUX (Product Design) Training In Akure

Best UIUX Design Training Center in Akure, Ondo State

Are you looking for UI/UX training here in Akure??

Since you’re looking to learn UI UX aka product design – relax! You’re in the BEST place! With this article, I’ll introduce you to the best place to learn / enrol for UI UX training in Akure…

Recent LinkedIn Media reported that UI UX courses are among the top FIVE high-demand skills people should acquire for high income in 2023 and beyond.

UI/UX design courses are the most common keywords in the digital space, especially for APP developers.

UI and UX programs can be independent of each other. Let me take few sentences to differentiate…

What is UI Design Program?

UI, which stands for User Interface describes the process, tools, & elements involved in designing the “look and feel” of a particular web page or mobile app.

It is a human-to-machine relationship for software applications, electronic devices, mobile devices, and so on. The UI design program is built on typography, visual design elements, and images.

A good UI design program streamlines the user’s communication skills and makes it flexible and effective. UI Design program interfaces with the user’s response to the product’s usability, and creates a connection between the user and the product.

What is UX Design Program?

UX, which stands for user experience has to do with the whole process of building web pages and mobile applications that gives the user an awesome experience using that platform/product.

A good user experience should effectively convey the product’s aims & objectives to the user, making it easy for the user to carry out the desired action needed at that point.

In an e-commerce platform for example; do you want the user to move from the homepage to selecting a product (from the homepage) then to adding the product to cart and checking out??

If that’s the user flow you want, then your UX should make it easy and seamless for the user to take those desired actions.

Just like the name suggests, UX design is responsible for the user experience or encounter with the product. UX design usually adds goals to the user’s journey, which is in monetary value and converts the user experience into product gain.

What Is the Difference Between UI UX?

Generally, one may not notice the difference between UI & UX design programs, because they complement one another. Nevertheless, there is a remarkable difference, the only similarity is that both are user-oriented. Don’t ever think that you know everything about UI and UX, you might be making a big mistake.

The table below highlights some differences between UI design and UX design programs.

S/N User Interface Design Programs User Experience Design Programs
1 UI design is the first point of interaction of the user. UX design is the users experience while interacting with the product
2 UI design interacts with the user only.  Although both UI and UX are usually mentioned in the product Experience, UX is the main product enhancer.
3 UI adds elements such as typography, colours, images, and so on UX creates user excitement benefits in monetary values for the products.

What Does UI/UX Developer or Designer Do?

A UI/UX developer is mostly in charge of designing the look and feel of a webpage or a mobile app, even before the web designer starts his work. And that is why UI UX is also called “Product Design”. They carry out research work on user experience information and builds or improves the architectural features of the product, upholds the free flow analysis.

Is UI/UX Design a Good Career for me?

UI/UX design is a good career for anyone with excellent imaginative skills in design elements, and anyone interested in adding the element experience, such as possessing the feel of digital products and connecting better with other customers.


Hopefully with this article, you’ve been able to understand a bit more about UI UX.

The big question you may likely ask, is “WHERE AND HOW CAN YOU START A CAREER IN UI/UX?”

Don’t worry, we got you covered. 

You can visit us now at Sabi Programmers in Akure to acquire the latest updates on UI UX training.  Here at Sabi Programmers we provide you with the best updates on UI and UX design.

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