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Best Digital Marketing Training Centre in Akure Ondo State

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Are you looking for the best digital marketing training centre in Akure, Ondo state? Look no further!

Sabi Programmers Training Centre, is the #1 best tech hub in Akure where you can start learning everything you need to know about Digital Marketing without any previous experience in tech.

And the good news!

At Sabi Programmers, we have just begun another session and presently admitting new students to start training for Digital Marketing online and in our physical location here in Akure, Ondo state.

This 2 months intensive Digital marketing practical training covers;

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing and its Fundamentals
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing
  4. Email Marketing & Affiliate Marketing
  5. Online Advertising & Display Advertising
  6. Measurement and Analytics
  7. Marketing Automation & CRM
  8. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  9. Working on a real-life project as the final project

This 2 months professional certified training is all you need to kickstart your career in digital marketing. Our professional and experienced teachers are on-ground and ready to take you to the next level.

Enroll here for the Digital Marketing Class

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There will be assignments and projects that will help showcase your skillset to potential employers and after the training, we will also introduce you to different ways you can earn as a digital marketer.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, Sabi Programmers has everything you need to succeed. So why wait? Contact us to join Sabi Programmers today and start your journey to a successful career in digital marketing.

See our recently graduated students

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Want to learn digital marketing but …

✅ you have a daily 9 – 5 job
✅ or you are mostly busy during the day

✅ or for one reason or another, you prefer an online class

There’s no point waiting any longer for when you have the time.

Sabi Programmers also offers online and weekend classes for busy people who want to learn digital marketing too without compromising their jobs.

Enroll here for Our Online Digital Marketing Class

Why Sabi Programmers Training Centre is the Best Choice for Digital Marketing

Our training centre is a top-notch training centre in Akure, Ondo state that provides anyone quality education to become a professional digital marketer, even without any experience in the field before.

With our professional tutors, we assure you the best training to learn Digital Marketing from basic to pro without stress.

Here are some of the reasons why Sabi Programmers is the best place to learn Digital Marketing:

1. Physical and online classes: We offer both physical and online classes, making the learning experience more engaging and interactive.
2. Certificate of completion: Upon completing the training, you will receive a certificate that can be added to your resume and showcase your skills to potential employers.
3. 24/7 electricity: Our training center is equipped with 24/7 electricity, ensuring that you will never miss a lesson due to power cuts.
4. Real-life projects: At Sabi Programmers, we provide students with real-life projects to work on, allowing them to gain practical experience.
5. Career advice: We offer career advice after class completion to get you started with Digital Marketing as a professional and how you can start generating regular income with your skill.
6. Conductive learning environment: We have a conducive environment for learning, ensuring that students can focus on their studies.

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Our Frequently asked questions from our students

The cost of learning Digital Marketing at Sabi Programmers Training Centre?
At Sabi Programmers, our fee changes from time to time, the best way to know the current fee is to get in touch with us. Our fee covers the entire course, which lasts for 3 months. This is a great investment in your future, as a career in Digital Marketing can be incredibly rewarding.

Can I Learn Digital Marketing in 3 Months?

Yes, you can learn Digital Marketing in 3 months. At Sabi Programmers training center, our Digital Marketing class takes a period of 3 months which are comprehensive and cover all the essential concepts and skills you need to know to become a Digital Marketer. You will learn how to create effective digital marketing strategies, manage social media, and optimize websites for search engines.

Can I start learning Digital Marketing with my Phone?
You can start learning Digital Marketing with your phone. However, to fully optimize your learning experience and get the most out of the course, it is recommended to have a PC, i.e a laptop or tablet.

Do I need any experience for the training?

NO! You do not need any prior knowledge of Digital Marketing or related fields before attending any of our Digital Marketing training in Akure.

This is because all our training is focused on beginners with zero marketing knowledge. So you are welcome to join us.

Want to enroll? Text/call/WhatsApp +2348065827397 or write to us via email:

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