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Best Data Analysis Training Centre in Akure, Ondo state

Best Data analysis training center in Akure Ondo State

Looking for the best Data science or Data Analysis training centre in Ondo state to start learning as a student, undergraduate, graduate, or as NYSC corper?

Here at Sabi Programmers will provide outstanding Data Analysis and Data Science Training in Akure or Ondo state within 3 months so you can become a professional Data experts to get a job with a company within and outside Nigeria.

With the increasing demand for data-driven decision-making, now is the perfect time to learn how to analyze data and turn insights into action.

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How our Data Analysis & Data Science Training works at Sabi Programmers 

Our Data Analysis and Data Science training is a 3 months training program where you will be taught all you need to know to become a professional Data Analyst or Data scientist without needing any previous experience.

The classes hold 3 times in a week for 3 months, so you have 2 days to practice what you are been taught in class.

At the end of the training, you shall be given a professional certificate to accredit you as a professional analyst so you can start working with companies or freelancing online.

You can come and learn at our physical training centre located at 2nd Floor Lumen Christi Building, Continental Junction, Hospital Road, NEPA Round-About, Akure, Ondo State.

Or Enroll for our online live class to start learning too.

For more enquire or want to enroll? you can call/WhatsApp +2348065827397 or write to us via email:

Our support team shall respond to you.

This 3 months intensive Data Analysis or Data Science practical training covers:

  1. Introduction to Data Analysis and its principles
  2. Data Collection & Cleaning
  3. Data Visualization & Exploration
  4. Excel
  5. PowerBi
  6. SQL
  7. Python
  8. Working on a real-life project as the final project

This 3 months of professional certified training is all you need to become a certified data analyst.

Enroll in our Data Analysis Class

We have professional and experienced instructors ready to guide you through the course and help you reach your goals.

You will have assignments and projects that will help you showcase your skills to potential employers.

Whether you are a beginner or have experience in data analysis, Sabi Programmers has everything you need to succeed.

Here at Sabi Programmers, we provide excellent and outstanding Data analysis and Data science training in Akure, Ondo state.


So why wait?

Contact us today to join Sabi Programmers and start your journey to a successful career in data analysis.

We can tell you, Sabi Programmers is the best Data Analysis & Data Science school/Academy in Akure, Ondo state as we offer the best Data Analysis & Data Science courses/tutorials you can’t afford to miss as they are position to get you hired immediately after training.

Can’t attend physical classes? No problem!

✅ you have a daily 9 – 5 job
✅ or you are mostly busy during the day

✅ or for one reason or another, you prefer an online class

Sabi Programmers also offers online and weekend classes for busy people who want to learn data analysis without compromising their jobs.

Enroll in our online Data Analysis Class

Our training centre is a top-notch training centre in Akure, Ondo state that provides anyone quality education to become a professional data analyst even without any experience in tech before.

With our professional tutors, we ensure you receive the best training to learn data analysis from basic to pro.

Here are some of the reasons why Sabi Programmers is the best place to learn data analysis:

1. Physical and online classes: We offer both physical and online classes, making the learning experience more engaging and interactive.
2. Certificate of Completion: Upon completing the training, you will receive a certificate that can be added to your portfolio and showcase your skills to potential employers.
3. 24/7 electricity: Our training center is equipped with 24/7 electricity, ensuring that you will never miss a lesson due to power cuts.
4. Real-life projects: At Sabi Programmers, we provide students with real-life projects to work on, allowing them to gain practical experience.
5. Career advice: We offer career advice after class completion to get you start with UIUX design as a professional and how you can start generating regular income with your skill.
6. Conductive learning environment: 
We have a conductive environment for learning, ensuring that students can focus on their studies.

Enroll in our Data Analysis Class

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As a data analyst, you’ll also have the opportunity to work on assignments and projects to showcase your skills to potential employers that will get you your first job or client.

Wondering where you can work as a Data Analyst?

Data analysis plays a critical role in various industries and sectors. Some popular industries where data analysts are in high demand include:

  1. Finance: Banks like GTB, UBA, WEMA, etc., insurance companies like AIICO, Leadway, & AXA Mansard, and other financial institutions rely heavily on data to make informed business decisions, and data analysts play a crucial role in this.
  2. Healthcare: The healthcare industry generates massive amounts of data, from patient records to clinical trial results, which can be analyzed to improve patient care and outcomes.
  3. Retail: Retail companies such as Jumia, Konga, Spar Nigeria, Shoprite, etc. do employ Data scientists. Data analysts can help retailers optimize their operations, understand consumer behavior, and improve their marketing strategies.
  4. Technology: Tech companies like Kuda, Interswitch, SystemSpecs, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are always in need of data scientists to improve their algorithms and enhance their products.
  5. Manufacturing: Data scientists can use machine learning and other techniques to improve production efficiency, quality control, and supply chain management. Manufacturing like Unilever, Nestle, Dangote Group, Procter & Gamble Nigeria, etc. do employ Data scientists.
  6. Government: Data analysts can work in government agencies to analyze and interpret data related to public policy, social welfare, and national security.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other industries where data analysts are in high demand.

You can also find opportunities to work as a data analyst in consulting firms, research organizations, and startups in and outside Nigeria.

Now you can see why data analysis is one of the highly demanded skills and one of the best skills that can earn you good pay if you learn it.

Enroll with us today for our flexible Data Analysis training options.

Whether you prefer to learn in person at our physical hub in Akure, Ondo state, or online from the comfort of your own home, we’ve got you covered.

Our weekend classes are perfect for those with busy schedules who want to learn at their own pace.

Don’t wait, enroll now and take the first step towards mastering the skills of Data Analysis.

Enroll in our Data Analysis Class

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Our Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of learning Data Analysis at Sabi Programmers Training Centre?

At Sabi Programmers, our fee charges may vary from time to time, the best way to know the current fee is to get in touch with us. Our fee covers the entire course, which lasts for 3 months. This is a great investment in your future, as a career in Data Analysis can be incredibly rewarding.

Can I Learn Data Analysis in 3 Months?

Yes, you can learn Data Analysis in 3 months. At Sabi Programmers Training Centre, our Data Analysis class takes a period of 3 months which is comprehensive and covers all the essential concepts and skills you need to know to become a Data Analyst. You will learn how to collect, process, and analyze data using different tools and techniques.

Do I need to have a Laptop for the training?

Yes, you will need a laptop or computer to attend the Data Analysis training. This is because the course requires you to use various tools and software for data analysis. Having a laptop will provide you with the necessary resources to learn and practice the skills you need to become a Data Analyst.

Do I need any experience for the training?

NO! You do not need any prior knowledge of data analysis or related fields before attending any of our Data Analysis training in Akure. This is because all our training is focused on beginners with zero-data analysis knowledge. So you are welcome to join us.

At Sabi Programmers, we provide high-quality training in a range of fields such as coding, website design, cybersecurity, computer training, IT training, web development, kids coding, data analysis, digital marketing, and data science.

We understand the value of affordable education, which is why our courses are priced to cater to everyone’s budget while ensuring a quality learning experience.

Don’t wait any longer! Begin your journey towards a successful career in data analysis by enrolling in our Data Analysis and Data Science Training program today.

Enroll in our Data Analysis Class

For more enquire or you want to enroll? Text/call/WhatsApp +2348065827397 or write to us via email:

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If you’re also in need of a coworking space in Akure, Ondo state, Sabi Programmers has got you covered as well.

We provide a comfortable and efficient workspace with complimentary high-speed internet. Join our community of like-minded professionals to take your work to the next level.

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